More Than Just Towing: What Can Tow Truck Companies Do

A professional towing company provides a broad range of tow truck and recovery services for all types of commodities and conditions. Most of the towing companies commonly provide towing services in three categories: light-duty towing, medium-duty towing and heavy-duty towing.

Truck Classifications

Truck classification is based on the gross vehicle rating (GVWR). There are altogether eight group classes. Classes 1 to 3 are light-duty vehicles; the GVWR weight limit is between 0 -16,000 lbs. Classes 4 to 6 are considered medium duty vehicles; the GVWR weight limit is between 16,001 – 26,000 lbs. Classes 7 to 8 are considered heavy-duty vehicles; the GVWR weight limit is between 26,001 – 33,000+ lbs.

Light-Duty Towing

In light-duty towing, you probably will find all the regular and frequent towing services offered to the public on an everyday basis. Tasks such as towing deserted cars, private property or impound towing, normal towing and etc. Vehicles that are considered under this category are motorcycles, cars, SUVs or mini-vans.

Medium-Duty Towing

Towing companies will deploy larger and more sustainable tow trucks, equipment and tools to tow these heavier vehicles. RVs, motorhomes, and box trucks are some vehicles that fall under this category.

Heavy-Duty Towing

For heavy-duty towing, tow truck companies need to be well-equipped in order to put this service on their list. This type of towing involves literally heavy duty tows, which can be dangerous if not well managed. Buses, semi-trucks, truck tractors, dump trucks are examples of heavy vehicles. Some companies also include storm damage recovery and removal services such as removing vehicles submerged in water or fallen trees on road.

Commercial Wrecker Services

It can be plausible that certain towing businesses will offer extended commercial tow services. These are special towing services and requests which can only be done by certified professionals. These special services include steel transporting, duplexes, airplanes towing and etc.

More Than Towing

Tow service providers do a magnificent role keeping our roads and expressways clear of stalled vehicles. Broken down cars, scrap cars, and illegally parked vehicles are some of the obstacles they remove day to day basis. Though they are known primarily for towing, there are other types of services that are often times neglected.

Roadside Assistance

Many towing businesses offer a range of roadside assistance. This is a great specialty in both cities and remote areas. You never know when you will be needing assistance on the side of the road. These extra services include tire change, car jump starts, out of fuel gas delivery, vehicle lockout service assistance, or even mobile auto repair mechanics services.

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